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Hello! Welcome to the Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Global Workshopper.

Here you can find workshops from anywhere. Check out our in-house workshop listings and global workshop listings of many of the most popular instructors and art sponsoring organizations.

“It is amazing how taking a workshop can help take our art to the next level—I have taken many and appreciate all that I have learned from them and the many friends I have made in each class. It is one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself and my art. I could name lots more artists who have taken many workshops. I can name professional artists who regularly attend workshops. If you ask them why you might be surprised at their answers. “It keeps us young” – “It’s entertaining us while we learn” – “I wanted to jump start my art and it did.” I could go on and on. Each listing that follows includes the sponsoring organization, the instructors name, date, class level, location, and contact information. Enjoy!” -Joe